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 About me

Hi and welcome to my website...


Hope you enjoy the images shown here and enjoy, as much as I do, the beauty in the creatures that I have photographed. We are extremely blessed that we share our world with such beauty, capturing this, and sharing those memories is why this site was developed. I thrive on sharing the wildlife with it being from photographs at one of my lectures to showing it to likeminded people during a guided walk, which is something I find a pleasurable experience.  


A bit about me...

I have been interested in birds and wildlife since I was a bored kid in high school, more seriously though from my mid-teens, and I have been involved in local birding in Nottinghamshire for many years. My local patch has been the Idle Valley Nature Reserve (formerly Sutton & Lound Gravel Pits) since my late School days, and in 1990 I co-formed the Lound Bird Club with my brother and a few local friends. Although the club continues today, more than 30 years later, it has changed very much, though we collectively continue to record the bird and other forms of wildlife found there. The actual nature reserve is still developing and now we have a new visitor centre including a shop, café and toilet facilities and the reserve is managed for wildlife by Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. 


I have been a birdwatcher and twitcher, better still just call me a birder, for all my adult life. I have travelled to many parts of the western world but still have yet to venture east any further than Turkey. My photography skills get better season by season though I'm still fairly new to digital DSLR photography. I would rather capture the moment than to get that 'set up' photograph as many do and though they do get that perfect image, in my eyes its cheating. I rarely edit any of my images other than just a little bit of cropping.


Birds, butterflies, bugs, animals, plants, fungus and other wildlife are extremely interesting and covered extensively on this website. However, 'flight' in the form of both fixed wing and rotary winged aircraft are also high on my interest level and I could easily spend a day watching passenger jets at Heathrow or Manchester or fast jets at an air show. 2019 saw my bucket list dream of visiting the Boeing Factories in Seattle, Washington, USA and specifically to visit the 747 'jumbo jet' production line at Everett, north of the city of Seattle. That aircraft sharing its 50th birthday with me in the same year! 


I would be all too happy to just spend everyday outdoors and love the natural world. Please join me and lets enjoy our wildlife and our hobbies. From 2021, I will be offering a series of wildlife related lectures at very reasonable rates, so please contact me for subject info and fees. I would also be happy to guide outdoor bird & wildlife walks, it's something that I do really enjoy, not just for the social side but for sharing the knowledge, and seeing the joy on people's faces as they encounter our wildlife. Reasonable rates again will apply, and I am willing to travel distance or just meet locally to me here in Nottinghamshire where there is a big selection of nature reserves and habitats. 

For now, please enjoy this website and hope we can meet soon. Please call/email me and leave a message. I will get back to you very soon.


Thank you.


Gary Hobson

Mobile: 07464964879 or email:

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